Flat Pancetta – Air matured Pork Belly – fully aged for a minimum of 3 months. This product is ready to eat. Winner of 3 Championships

Poitrine FumeeFrench Pancetta style pork belly, French herbs, dry cured, Beech wood cold smoked then semi air dried. Requires cooking.

Lombo  – Salt cured & air matured until aged, low-fat whole pork loin fillet.

Osso Collo – Salt cured & air matured until aged, pork scotch fillet (neck), with beautiful marbled fat. Ready to eat. Championship Winner

Guanciale – Italian style salt cured & air matured pork cheek. Ready to eat.

Lardo – Spiced air matured pork back fat. Ready to eat.

Bresaola – Italian style air matured for 3 months, beef eye fillet, SA grass fed beef, low in fat with a delicate taste.

Wagyu Cecina – Spanish style air matured 3 months. Export grade 100% Australian Wagyu Beef.  Delicious Produce Awards, Winner, Artisan Producer, 2014 (Wagyu Beef-Mayura Station, SA)

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